Over this weekend, PantheonES hosted The Inaugural as part of the dota2.com.au site launch. The Grand Final was between Can’t Say Wips and March of Masick, here is a recap of the series (BO5).

Game 1

Game One Draft

Game One saw Sick pick up the surprise Pugna pick in response to the Storm Spirit of CSW. Pugna is something that we have seen from Shatan on a variety of occasions, with the hero catering extremely well to early 5 man push strategies, the bane of Storm Spirit.

Unfortunately for Shatan, his early game wasn’t at all what he planned, giving up First Blood to the Storm and DD’d Veno at the 40 second mark. This quick kill set volatile pace for the next few minutes, with Pugna and Storm trading heavily mid and the two teams trading kills, with Natures Prophet, Venomancer Luna and Pugna dying in quick succession minutes later.

Even with their Storm Spirit doing well mid, Can’t Say Wips loses out on their two other lanes, with Clockwerk getting continually zoned out in the offlane and Luna losing out on farm as the Slark rotates to her lane and begins to apply pressure.

As they find their place on the scoreboard by securing a kills on both the Storm and Luna, Sick begins their 5 man rotation for towers. Even with his fast orchid, coming at the 16:00 mark, the Storm’s grip on the early game sliped quickly, dying a few more times to boot as he tries to get things done against the early pushing Sick team. This push, which allows the Dire to take two towers, launches the Pugna back into the game, giving him his Mekanism and allowing their 5 man dota strat to continue.

With their supports under farmed from having to deal with the continual threat of not only the Vendetta’d Nyx Assassin but also the Shadow Blade Slark, and with a terrible start in the offlane with a hero that doesn’t farm particularly fast, Can’t Say Wips’ other heroes begin to fall behind and Sick’s team pushing lineup continuing it’s dominance of the game.

Losing ground quickly to poor trades and the inability to group up and fight, and with the Dire taking Roshan for the second time, CSW attempt in vain to interrupt the Aegis taking, Storm zipping in with his BKB and Luna following suit with her BKB Eclipse. Even with the last hit on Roshan being dealt by CSW, Slark’s Abyssal Blade and theft of the Aegis secures Sick Game One of the Best of Five, the game ending at the 37:01 mark.

Game 2

Game Two Draft

Game Two begins and the Can’t Say Wips are sticking to their guns, picking up both Clockwerk as well as Storm Spirit again for this game, this time sending the Storm to the safelane and deciding to run the Clinkz mid against the Alchemist. This time the early game is slightly more passive, with Sick getting a slight advantage in that their Timbersaw is able to soak experience in the offlane whilst the Clockwerk is heavily contested and unable to get the same amount of levels.

The action starts the moment poor endless tries to rectify this laning difference, with Lion and Mirana hooking up for a nice combo and taking the first blood, whilst almost at the same moment Shatan is killed mid by the smoked Crystal Maiden. The two team manage to trade kill for kill, with Clinkz dying mid but then assisting top with both a kill on timber and the tier 1 tower. With CSW seeming to be in a relatively good position, Storm begins to move around the map but is caught out by an arrow mid and both he and the tower are forfeit.

This pivotal moment in the game gave Shatan on his Alchemist his Mek and Sick begun their 5 man push strategy, which proved a thorn in the side of CSW’s Storm, Clockwerk combo, two heroes so dominant if they can find pickoffs. Losing trade after trade, and with the help a some nice arrows from the PotM, Sick was able to take 5 towers and as many kills in a matter of minutes.

While CSW continued to fight on, taking some favourable trade and managing to keep their core heroes relevant, the superious decision making from Sick continued to prevail. Taking Roshan and a very successful teamfight at the same time, Sick cruised to another victory, making the score 2 – 0 and putting CSW in a very precarious position in the series.

Game 3

Game Three Draft

The third game of the series and Can’t Say Wips’ backs were firmly against the wall. Having lost the last two games without taking a significant teamfight, they decided it was time to have teamfight in spades, picking up two extremely good teamfight supports in Venomancer and Sank King  as well as an Invoker and Dark Seer.

With the horn sounding and the game underway, endless finds himself in the all too familiar position of being zoned out by the two supports of Sick. Fortunately for him, his hero allows him to take to the jungle early and he quickly abandons the offlane in favour of this. Natures Prophet on the other hand is not so lucky, being dove bottom and giving up first blood.

With both teams offlanes unable to hinder their lane, they trade offlane towers, Sick taking top and CSW bottom with Sand King the only casualty of either engagement. With a relatively quiet early game, Can’t Say Wips takes the initiative and for the first time in the series groups up as 5 to take towers, taking both mid and top tier 1.

Unfortunately, the split push then begun, with Natures Prophet and Beastmaster building Necro Books and Slark becoming a split pushing fiend in his own right, Sick continued to stretch CSW around the map, always forcing a trade and not taking them head on.

CSW showed life though, taking some objectives of their own and showing at lot more coordination and team-play then in their previous matches. With Invoker and Sand King purchasing BoTs in an attempt to deal with the split push, picking off Nature’s Prophet on multiple occasional.

Unfortunately, after taking some good fight and trading their Sand King for 3 heroes and taking Aegis, CSW were forced into a base race against the Nature’s Prophet, with Sand King the only one left behind to defend the base. In a tense moment where the game balanced on a knife edge, CSW beating down the mid rax, Invoker was picked off and, with buy back and BoTs, arrived to the mid in time to be killed once again along side his team, leaving Sick to storm down mid lane and end the game.


And with that, March of Masick took the series 3 – 0 over Can’t Say Wips, thought the former definately gave Sick a run for their money and we should look forward to seeing these two team compete against each other again. Congratulations to March of Masick on their win.

As always a huge shout out and thanks to the sponsors and organisers of the event, without which we would not be able to have event such as this one.

Don’t forget to check out www.dota2.com.au as they will be a great addition to the Australian Dota community.

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