Yesterday was the kick off of the Defense of the Australians, a tournament run by three long time Australian dota fans MichioZ, Thehamer & SableMKII.  


A prize pool of $1000 AUD is being offered from a combination of team entry fees and sponsorship by Aura Partners Australia.

There are 8 Australian teams registered to participate:

  • Super Happy Fun Team
  • Radioactive Penguins
  • Amanda 4 Life
  • Quality Obsession
  • Trackball Masters
  • Hans Reborn
  • Birds Birds Birds
  • Andy Quach and Friends

Defense of the Australians is a winner-takes-all Single Elimination cup, however the runner up will receive free entry into the next event run by the group.  All of the match ups are Bo1 with prelims played online, and the semi-finals onward played on LAN on Friday the 2nd of August. The LAN will be held at Melbourne’s “Felix Bar” at 11 Fitzroy St, St Kilda and starts at 7pm. 

All of the games will be streamed and cast by “Xalorith” on Twitch TV. The first match up for the tournament was run on Thursday night (11th of July), with Super Happy Fun Team decisively taking out Radioactive Penguins. The remaining matches are scheduled for Saturday the 13th of July, kicking off at 10am AEST:

  • 10am: Amanda 4 Life -vs- Quality Obsession 10AM Saturday 13th of July
  • 12pm: Trackball Masters -vs- Hans Reborn 12PM Saturday 13th of July
  • 2pm: Birds Birds Birds -vs- Andy Quach and Friends 2PM Saturday 13th of July

The Defense of the Australians group are planning more events following this one, and we look forward to seeing the big things coming out from them. Make sure you check out their tournament page and like them on Facebook!

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