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SCD Presents: 1v1 Tournament

Posted by Sophie on August 1, 2014
1v1 jpeg
Once again, we’re getting ready to host another small 1v1 competition! This tournament will be held on the 7th of August from 7pm AEST onwards, so just under a week from today. Rules Single Elimination BO3 Mirror Match-up Only Mid Format Players will be randomly matched up by Challonge Player A is decided by coin toss. Game 1: Player A chooses side or hero, Player B chooses other Game 2: Player B chooses side or... Read more »

Dota 2 Community Crackdown #2 Announced

Posted by Mush on July 30, 2014
Community Crackdown 2
Dota 2 Community Crackdown #2, an online Dota 2 tournament for the New Zealand Community hosted by the good folks over at Aspect of Gaming, has been announced for the middle of next month, August 16th – 24th. The tournament is set to be held over the two weekends during this time period, with a maximum of 64 teams competing for a total prize pool of $940. Format As mentioned, the tournament is to be... Read more »

AEL Winter Cup 2014 Cancelled

Posted by Mush on July 30, 2014
The AEL Winter Cup 2014, a tournament scheduled to start on the 26th of this month and to continue into the middle of August, has been cancelled. Communication, scheduling and sponsorship issues have been a few of the cited causes for the late cancellation of the event, with teams receiving a full repayment of their registration fees and with AEL sending out their apologies to all competitors and spectators of their event. It is now... Read more »

Adelaide Pubstomp hosted by Arena Internet Cafe + Dota 2 Adelaide

Posted by Daniel on July 15, 2014
With community interest piquing and the Main Event of The International fast approaching, Arena Internet Cafe in conjunction with Dota 2 Adelaide rose to the occasion to provide you with Adelaide’s only Pubstomp! Details The event is being held at Arena Internet Cafe, in Adelaide’s East End, on Monday the 21st of July. It kicks off with a dinner on offer, followed by a LAN event to get everyone in the groove for the finals.... Read more »

Sydney Pubstomp hosted by SCS+DOTAUNSW

Posted by Sophie on July 15, 2014
Sydney has another pubstomp available for those that wish to attend. After over a month of hard work, SCS and DOTAUNSW will be working together to host a viewing for The International 4 Grand Finals. Details This event is to be held at Manning Bar at the University of Sydney. With a large projector and anti-glare measures to ensure your viewing experience. There is lots of room as well as a lot of seating and... Read more »

Sydney Pubstomp to be held at The Nerd Cave

Posted by Sophie on July 15, 2014
The Nerd Cave
As the first phase of The International 4 has now concluded, another pubstomp has been announced – this time in Sydney! There will be a Twitch rebroadcast of the first day of The International 4′s Main Event so you can catch up on any games you may have missed. Details It is going to be held at The Nerd Cave in Surry Hills, which is just a two minute walk from Central Station. This pubstomp... Read more »

OZDOTA State Representative Series

Posted by Sophie on July 13, 2014
OZDOTA have announced their State Series “Free Arcana” Promotion. OZDOTA are currently a Facebook page with the goal to “inspire and promote the next generation of competitive grass roots teams and tournaments and provide exclusive Aussie Dota 2 content.” How it works: This Arcana promotion is for individuals to sign up and join the selection pool to represent their respective state or territory. Individuals are encouraged to sign up and refer their friends. The best... Read more »

Defense of the Australian Season 3 Recap

Posted by LongLiveNaDa on July 13, 2014
Defense of the Australians Season 3 finally wrapped up after a lot of controversy. In the end, Defense of the Australians were forced to change the finals to be played online instead of their originally planned LAN Finals due to unexpected legislation and counseling conditions. The four teams that made it into the Finals were Exile 5, Potato Stack, Team Immunity and Team S. We started the Finals day with Exile 5 taking on Potato... Read more »

The International 2014 Main Event in AEST times

Posted by Elle on July 9, 2014
Dota Christmas is finally here and SCD are here to help! If you are holding a Pubstomp be sure to get it registered on our Pubstomp page and let us know so we can help you promote your event or even get some of our staff to attend. To contact someone at SCD click HERE to fill out a contact form. Below are the times for the Main Event in AEST format: The Main Event... Read more »

SCD 1v1 Inhouse Tournament Bracket released

Posted by Elle on July 9, 2014
As part of our inhouse community initiative SCD will be hosting its third official 1v1 tournament. The tournament will commence at 7pm, Thursday, 10th of July The bracket can be viewed below: The tournament will be streamed on SCDs twitch channel which can be found HERE Also our regular inhouses will still be occurring tonight for more information on how to participate head over to HERE Southern Cross Dota – Keeping you informed on local Dota news.... Read more »