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CompSoc Dota 2 Tournament 2015

Posted by Deemi on March 26, 2015
Compsoc Dota 2 Tournament 2015
Prepare yourself, gather your team, the CompSoc Dota 2 Tournament 2015 is nearly upon us! The event is scheduled for the 28th of March with games kicking off at 10:00 am CHADT. Hosted by CompSoc – University of Canterbury Computer Society, it is shaping up to be an exciting event and a fun day for everyone involved. Players are advised that the event is BYO computer, laptop or other system with Dota 2 and Steam... Read more »


Posted by Omegakai on March 18, 2015
Dota 2 Anzac Weekend Logo
For those of you residing in New Zealand there’s a new tournament that has just been announced – The Anzac Weekend Dota 2 Tournament It is a concise tournament which last one week, finishing on Anzac Monday. You can watch 16 NZ teams battle it out in an action packed prelude to the Open Qualifier #2 of the NZN 2015. $10 Entry Fee Dates Group Stage | Sunday-Friday (Evenings) | April 19-24th Final Stage |... Read more »

Australian Unis Dota 2 Competition Announced!

Posted by Deemi on March 16, 2015
Australian Uni Dota 2 Competition
Exciting news has been declared for students across Australia with the announcement of the Australian Unis Dota 2 Competition returning for another year of exciting Dota 2 action! Proudly sponsored by Gowning Street, the event is open to all Australian University and TAFE students, with no other entry requirements or fees! Registration Registration for the event can be made on the official page, where team names, universities, and other details can be submitted. Teams are... Read more »

Autumn Cup!! Dota 2 Tournament in Canberra!

Posted by Instinctively on March 8, 2015
Crixalis has come to Canberra. It was inevitable. Natures Prophet had warned us of this. That one day the Sand King would be sent from the Great Sandy Desert of Australia to find answers in our cities. That the sands of time would take passage through our lives and give us our calling, to defend our way of DOTA. What will you do now? Will you rise up immune with the rage of the Life Stealer... Read more »

APoG Dota 2 New Zealand Nationals 2015 Championships

Posted by LongLiveNaDa on February 27, 2015
This weekend marks first qualifying tournament for Aspect of Gaming’s long awaited New Zealand Nationals 2015 DotA 2 Championship (NZN2015). Aspect of Gaming (APoG) have yet again set the bar high and look to have the championship grand final culminate at their Ti5 Viewing Party planned for later this year at Vector Arena in Auckland. The admins for this year’s championship have taken a different approach to typical tournament style as they wanted to attract... Read more »

New Bloom 2015

Posted by Angelmaster on February 13, 2015
new bloom 2015
The summer air is thick with anticipation and Dota delivers with a fresh breeze of cool air! The New Bloom Event is upon us! The ice themed event introduces a new hero Winter Wyvern, a Crystal Maiden Arcana, and a Year Beast Event. Winter Wyvern is a hero that has been waiting to be ported over from DotA 1 and is finally here! The Crystal Maiden Arcana has lore in the form of a new comic, and... Read more »

AGON Dota 2 League – Explaining The Danish Tournament System

Posted by Deemi on February 9, 2015
Registrations for the AGON Amateur Dota 2 league officially closed last week and the first qualifiers have completed. Beginning on the 21st of February, the top ten teams will progress from the qualifying stages into the official league. In order to increase excitement surrounding what is to be an amazing event, and to get everyone ready for its commencement, we’ve decided to put together this article to provide further information regarding the league and in... Read more »


Posted by Angelmaster on February 6, 2015
AUSDOTES fb header
  The Australian E-Sports League’s (AEL) Australian Amatuer Cup (AAC) finals culminated on the weekend with a victory for AUSDOTES. AUSDOTES went into the semifinals against the Handsome Man Alliance (HMA) and won with a clean 2-0. HMA had drafted an early game pushing line-up most of the tournament and were easily counter-drafted by AUSDOTES leading to a quick 20 minute game. Game 2 was a closer affair, but AUSDOTES held their nerve to win... Read more »

The Hunt: Tier 3

Posted by Dudeguy on February 5, 2015
Back in the jungle where trees brandish bark scorned by past battles, we return to the scene of “The Hunt” in its third installment. Seagen brings us the another amateur  Dota 2 tournament for the Australian and New Zealand scene, letting players cut their teeth and gifting us some free entertainment. All teams involved head on over to The Hunt Tier 3 forums which is also the place to sign up to be involved. We’re looking for... Read more »

Ministry of Gaming to hold DAC Pubstomp in Melbourne

Posted by LongLiveNaDa on February 4, 2015
Ministry of Gaming DAC
  Ministry of Gaming are excited to kick off 2015 with another Premium Pubstomp in Melbourne, Razer will be an official product of the event , come watch the DAC Grand Finals LIVE with them at Crown Casino! There will be many large TV screens around to ensure viewer experience, with one giant screen, 2 mega screens and 20 smaller screens all around the venue. There will also be surround sound to make sure that nothing is missed!... Read more »