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December Destruction – Australian E-Sports Amateur Tournament

Posted by Sophie on December 19, 2014
This weekend is bound to be full of Christmas activities but why not slot in some Aussie Dota 2 as well?! Australian E-Sports have run several tournaments in the past and they are running one this weekend too. December Destruction is a two-day tournament with teams competing for in-game cosmetics. Day One (20/12) The first day will consist of a group stage. There will be 4 teams per group and a minimum of 8 matches... Read more »

Shifting Snows – Update 6.83

Posted by Angelmaster on December 16, 2014
Shifting Snows
  Update 6.83 has blown in on a cold wind, bringing a winter themed map, balance changes and all the Alt-clicking you could ever want! Balance changes have been made to most heroes, and quite a few items. Bloodseeker and Techies are now in Captains Mode and Lifestealer has a new ability, among many other changes. Go and check out the patch notes, and don’t forget to Alt-click! (seriously, everything in the patch notes are... Read more »

Defense of the Australians Spring Tournament Lan Finals Recap

Posted by Deemi on December 9, 2014
Featured Image
The Defense of the Australians Spring Tournament Season 4 has drawn to a close over the weekend, with teams competing for their share of the substantial $1500 prize pool. There were four teams who attended the event, all earning their places with impressive performances throughout the previous round robin stage. The teams in question were Can’t Say Wips, Team Immunity, Team Ez, and Team Nv. Kicking off proceedings was the first semi final best of... Read more »

The E.G.E.L League

Posted by Dudeguy on December 5, 2014
Walking into the Australian and New Zealand Dota 2 scene you see a far stretching barren land. Our professional players are carving their way through the international scene in their cities built of electricity high above. Swallow your water and wipe the sweat from your brow this desert has eaten more feet then you’ve cared to grow but good madam and sir do not despair. Dedicated souls are summoning our very own bastions from the... Read more »

The Hunt – Amateur Dota 2 Tournament

Posted by Dudeguy on November 28, 2014
  Between age old tress crawling its way from beneath the shrubbery “The Hunt” emerges; fangs bared and eyes sharp, a new tournament looking to find its home in the wild e-sports jungle. “The Hunt” is an Australian and New Zealand Dota 2 tournament ran by #huntingbros specifically aimed at amateur players in the 2K to 3K MMR bracket. Met with explosive enthusiasm the tournament was quick to find its 16 teams, those include; MINK, Australian Army,... Read more »

The Aotearoa Community League

Posted by Dudeguy on November 26, 2014
Aotearoa Community League
  In a land of mystic winds and mountains that claw for the clouds a new battle threatens an island nation with glory. The Aotearoa Community League, a new New Zealand amateur Dota 2 tournament, pits eight kiwi teams against each other, for honour, for splendour and for a pretty good time. The eight teams involved include; Moving-EXP, The Lad Arcana, Mr Ferguson Fanclub, FHRITP, Ebola Gaming, FHRITP, Ebola Gaming, 2 Fast 2 Furion, Why-Wolf... Read more »

AEL – Australian Amateur Cup Announced!

Posted by Deemi on November 19, 2014
The Australian Amateur Cup has been announced, an initiative targeting the amateur teams of the region to help them learn and grow, whilst also promoting Australian Dota 2. It has also been revealed that the tournament will require no entry fee, an exciting trend among Dota 2 events which will certainly foster growth of the game and expansion of the local scene. Format The tournament will begin on the 17th of January 2015 and will... Read more »

Patch Details Announced – The Foreseer’s Contract

Posted by Angelmaster on November 19, 2014
Oracle - the foreseer's contract small
Valve has just released the Day 2 update for the Foreseer’s Contract with some juicy details. If you can’t wait to have a look then go right ahead. The biggest features of this patch will be the introduction of a new hero Oracle, and a new arcana cosmetic for Phantom Assassin. The PA arcana is paradox themed and a backstory is given in the comic released in the Day 1 update,  in which Phantom Assassin... Read more »

Can’t Say Wips – The Summit 2 Recap

Posted by Deemi on November 11, 2014
The Summit 2
The Summit 2 is a Dota 2 tournament which is unique in the modern e-sports age. Building on the success of its predecessor, its LAN finals aim to foster a casual atmosphere which portray everyone’s favourite professional players in a more relaxed and relatable environment. It was inspired by TakeTV’s Homestory Cup for StarCraft 2, and will similarly be held in the Beyond the Summit house in Los Angeles from the 3rd to the 7th... Read more »

Ping Zero 46 LAN Announced!

Posted by Deemi on November 8, 2014
Auckland’s premier LAN event Ping Zero returns for its 46th installment on the 21st of November, looking to be bigger and better than ever before. The Trust Arena will again accommodate for an expected turnout of 300 gamers for the 40 hour gaming marathon, running from 6:00pm on the 21st November until 12:00pm on the 23rd November. Ping Zero 46 is a strictly 18+ and BYOC event, with tickets $49 available for purchase through the Ping... Read more »