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IXDL-Aus Revamped

Posted by LongLiveNaDa on September 23, 2014
IXDL-Aus is back
  IXDL-Aus is back and despite being called IXDL-Aus it is open to play for the whole Oceanic region. This time IXDL welcomes back Bryn “Notime” Welch as a moderator of the league. The inhouse league has proven that it can produce the next generation of players, Notime hopes that he can recreate the same success here on the Australian Servers. What is IXDL? ixmike88 founder of IXDL said: IXDL is a collection of inhouse... Read more »

Introducing: AGON

Posted by Daniel on September 12, 2014
We recently managed to have a sit down with Thanh Nguyen, owner of Agon eSport, to get some further insight into just what Agon is, and what its goals are! Thanh is the Project manager for Community Events & Tournaments for Arena Net Cafe, which has been operating in South Australia for 12 years. With a desire to promote Australian E-sports, he founded Agon and has been heavily investing in the scene ever since. Agon... Read more »

UGC Anounces Australian Dota 2 Regional League!

Posted by Daniel on September 5, 2014
UGC Have announced that their new Dota 2 league will include a regional division based on each of Valve’s server locations. Which means an Australian division! So… what is UGC? UGC are the man power behind the largest Team Fortress 2 League, covering Asia, Oceania, Europe and North and South America. They boast over 11,000 active players throughout 1,000+ teams, that is spread over three game modes. They are well experienced and have honed their... Read more »

SCD Presents: September 1v1 Tournament

Posted by Chookz on September 5, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen, hold onto your tangos as you delve into the wealth of information related to our 1v1 Tournament for September. This month we have made a couple of changes based on community feedback to help improve the quality of the tournament, reduce downtime between matches and provide a greater experience for competitors. Clarification on 10-minute Win Condition Our 10-minute CS Win condition is now specified as “10-minute CS (Total Creep Score LastHits +... Read more »

IJK’s 3rd Annual Battlegrounds Tournament Announced!

Posted by Sophie on September 4, 2014
IJK have announced their third annual Battlegrounds Tournament. IJK is a Sydney based computer store and have been open since 2000. This tournament will have online qualifiers as well as a Sydney based LAN event for the pro division finals. This is to be held at Legend Cyber Cafe on Sunday the 26th of October. The amateur division finals are to be held at Titan Cybernet on Sunday the 2nd of November. The event is... Read more »

Aspect of Gaming’s 1v1 LAN Tournament

Posted by ThatAmericanGuy on September 1, 2014
    Dota 2 in New Zealand is ramped up with the latest offering from Aspect of Gaming: Solo Mid Saturday! This 1v1 Tournament is held at Shadow’s Tavern in Auckland on the 13th of September, catering for up to 128 entrants. This is a Free to Play event, however being a licensed venue it is restricted to patrons 18 years and over.   Format: Double elimination. Best of One Rounds. Best of Three Semi-Finals. Best of Five... Read more »

AGON Announces Dota 2 Venture!

Posted by Daniel on August 29, 2014
Are you ready to see competitive Dota taken to the next level here in Australia and New Zealand? Do you want to see our local teams grow, progress and achieve a competitive skill level internationally? Well it's time to get excited! AGON have officially announced their venture into the Dota 2 Competitive Scene. With experience in Tournament organisation and a background in e-sports, they are striving to bring you, the community, the very best.

Unreal Aussies Amateur Dota 2 Tournament Announced!

Posted by Sophie on August 29, 2014
Fracture and Argives are hosting a Dota 2 tournament aimed for amateur teams. It is set to be held over two weekends towards the end of September. Format Each day will be starting at 10.00am AEST. 20th of September There will be 16 teams (number is subject to change) that will be placed into 4 groups. These groups will then play in a round robin, best of one format. The top 2 teams from each group... Read more »

Legends of the West – Dota 2 Spring Championship

Posted by Mush on August 14, 2014
Legends of the West
Legends of the West – Dota 2 Spring Championship has been announced for mid September, running all in one day on Saturday the 13th. The tournament features an $800 prize pool and is to be held at the local venue West Coast Tafe Joondalup. Details Time: Saturday September 13th, 9:00AM – 7:30PM. Venue: West Coast Tafe Joodalup – 35 Kendrew Crescent Joondalup, A block, first floor. (Above ground floor) Entry Fee: $50 buy in per... Read more »

CyberGamer League Finals

Posted by Mush on August 10, 2014
The CyberGamer Amateur, Main, and Pro Finals are set to commence over the coming month. The three leagues run simultaneously and are aimed at three different skill brackets. So far the games have been entertaining and look even more exciting leading up to the finals. CyberGamer Amateur League Finals (20th – 26th August) The CyberGamer Amatuer League Finals will consist of a 10 Team Round Robin Group Stage, with the top 4 teams continuing on... Read more »